Adams Avenue Donuts - Home of the "Donut Derelicts"
A Family Run Donut Shop for over 35 years!!
Dave Peters and his wife Louise are the donut gurus of Huntington Beach.  Adams Avenue Donuts was founded by Dave's mother Camille and it has been donuts and dreams ever since.  Donuts were in Dave's blood from the get go.  He used to nap on the flour bags when just a kid and from that moment on he was a master baker.  Today the legacy lives on, it is not unusual to see the the troop of Peters Boys looming around the shop.  Looming around, snacking on the best donuts around.  There is no napping on the flour bags these days, because Adams Avenue Donuts is busier than ever, be it corporate events, the Donut Derelicts on weekend mornings or the regulars who come to enjoy their afternoon treat.  Donuts are everywhere!
Located in Beautiful
Huntington Beach, California
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